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Biography Of The

The Beginning OF AN IDEA

When I first started, I was fascinated with the idea of making fast easy money in the stock market. I was bombarded with many ideas on how this could be done. I immediately opened a small account with a respectful Broker and more than doubled my account size in a short amount of time. I thought I was a trading natural. I then learned I was not a natural at all. What I discovered was I had simply been lucky… As always, the luck eventually ran out and reality began to sink in. I came to realize that it was going to take a lot more than just luck.

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I started looking for someone to teach me “the way of the Stock Trader.” I found a mentor, teacher, and coach over and over again. I lost thousands of dollars in search of the right mentor and trainer and coach, but I was always disappointed. The one thing that all these mentors, trainers, and coaches had in common was no open line of communication. Communication is a key component when trying to learn anything, especially when trying to make it in the stock market… I continued to struggle but did not give up. I discovered that the volume of information was overwhelming. I became bogged down with too much information and no one to explain it so I had no idea how to use it.

The Final Product

What I learned through failure and disappointment at every turn, I have corrected and put it into what I have built today.

NewTrades101 is designed to have open communication and keep things as simple as possible. We have found those are two key components when learning to navigate and pave your own way in the ever-evolving stock market.

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