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Our Privacy Policy

Protecting the Personal Information entrusted with our care is important to us. We respect the privacy of our customers and are committed to safeguarding all Personal Information or data entrusted to us. The Privacy Policy applies to NewTrades101


NewTrades101 does not engage in any practice that contradicts this Privacy Policy.

This includes:

  • selling Personal Information to third parties.
  • publishing Personal Information with the intended purpose of charging individuals for its removal
  • collecting, using, or sharing Personal Information that is otherwise unlawful
  • profiling or categorizing clients in a way that leads to unfair, unethical, or discriminatory treatment contrary to human rights law.

NewTrades101 is committed to safeguarding your Personal Information.


We will:

  • limit the Personal Information we collect to what is required and will only use it for those purposes.
  • only use your Personal Information for the purposes it was obtained
  • train our employees to ensure that your personal information is handled appropriately and to reiterate the importance of treating it with the utmost care.
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