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Are you looking for in-depth online stock trading courses? You have come to the right place! NewTrades101 provides a variety of stock market e-learning courses to help you understand the stock market and the art of trading. We understand that learning any skill is always easier when you have a patient teacher. Our stock trading mentor will work with you diligently to strengthen your stock trading knowledge for years to come. For more information on our comprehensive selection of courses, click here.

Stock Market and Trading Education Courses 

The stock market can be a fantastic method of achieving sustainable wealth, but it can also be tricky and overwhelming if you are a new trader. It’s a common belief that the stock market is all about luck- but in reality, it takes hard work, dedication, and grit.

That’s where our stock market trading education courses come to help. An important reason why having access to stock trading education is beneficial is that it will help you identify your mistakes. Perhaps you have been trading for a long time with limited success. A stock trading mentor will help you identify some of your mistakes and guide you to become a better trader. Are you completely new to trading stocks? Don’t worry! We offer courses you need to get you on the right path.

Our comprehensive series of e-learning courses will cover information you need to know about the stock market, becoming a trader, the difference between a stock and a stock option, understanding candlestick formations, learning continuation patterns, and reversal patterns, different types of trading indicators, and more.

Benefits of Taking Our Trading Education Courses

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Trading Courses

Abbreviations needed to speak and understand stock trading and increase efficiency. Speed is a traders friend and these abbreviations assist.

General definitions used to understand the overall stock market language. These definitions will teach you how to interpret information.

Learn definitions specific to trading stock. Our list is proven useful regardless of a traders style. Learn to speak like a stock trader.

Learn definitions specific to trading stock Options. Inside is a list proven to help understand Options. Learn to speak like an Options trader.

An in depth discussion on different types of trader psychological issues to master when trading. Our list is designed to help conquer these issues.

Learn to manage Buy and Sell orders. An in depth discussion about each type of Buy and Sell orders and the impact they have on your profits.

See how to make sense of different catalysts in the stock market. These are the main catalysts that propel stock price & create volatility.

Get to know the Candlestick & how its used to chart price action. Learn different ways price action can be plotted & the most popular type used today.

The most common candlestick formations used. You will see examples of them and discuss how they are traded in todays market.

See how the most used continuation patterns can help you increase your profits. Learn how real traders are using them today.

The absolute most popular candlestick reversal patterns. See how they should be managed and why they happen.

Get to know the Bollinger Bands indicator & how its calculated. See examples of how its used to make profitable decisions when trading.

Get to know the trendy MACD indicator & how its calculated. See examples of how it is used to make profitable decisions when trading.

Get to know the RSI indicator & how it gives oversold or overbought signals. See examples of how its used to make decisions when trading.

Learn about the OBV indicator & how its calculated. See how it is used to inform traders whether the money is flowing in or out of a stock.

Get to know the super popular SMA indicator & how its calculated. See examples of how it is used to make profitable decisions when trading.

Learn the powerful VWAP indicator. See examples of how it is used to start making more informed decisions when trading.

Learn this Simple Long biased trading strategy. This strategy uses one of the most common patterns used by large institutions.

This basic shorting technique is discussed in depth. Learn how this technique can give you an edge when Short Selling.

My personal technique and how I use it to mitigate risk. I discuss the different indicators used, the type of orders, patterns  etc.

First Red Day Strategy is used by most successful short sellers around the world. We explain the process & idea behind the technique.

Stock Option basics discussed. Understanding the Greeks and what they mean along with how to use them to your advantage.

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